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We live in days when everybody wants to live a comfortable life. But this aim is not always as easy as it seems. Many people live from one salary to the next without any possible savings and if there is any kind of emergency situation in a form of unexpected expenses, it becomes a huge problem. That is the reason why so many people now use a chance to take a loan. There are many reasons why people take loans. Usually it is because of those already mentioned unexpected expenses or because people decide to buy some bigger property as a car or house. Beside these reasons there are others as for example reconstruction of the house or also buy of some small home appliance. It usually does not matter why people need money. The important fact is that today most people, who want loan, also get one. In general people can take loan from two major groups of financial subjects. It means from banks or nonbank firms and in both cases there are many advantages but also many disadvantages. We can say that banks usually lend money with better interest but they require more information about person who wants to take the loan. On the other hand nonbank firms do not need so many guarantees but they usually lend money with higher interest. Of course it depends on the thing people want money for. If somebody tries to buy a house or flat and he needs a lot of money, it is better to choose the bank. In a case of smaller amounts of money, there is no reason why people should not use nonbank firms. If people need money they usually do not have any other option but take a loan. It is just up to those people which loan they decide to use. Nowadays there are a lot of loans on the internet so people can easily get money from internet without leaving the house and in a really short period of time. But when somebody decides to take a loan, he should think about it and take time to see every possible kind of loan, because not everything is as good as it seems and when it comes to money, nobody wants to get fooled.